Rabbit Supply Resources

  • Small Pet Select

    Need hay? Small Pet Select has a wonderful selection of good quality hay. They also offer free shipping with purchase of timothy hay or pellets.

    Use the coupon code ihrs and 10% of your order goes back into supporting the Indiana House Rabbit Society.

  • Grateful Pet
    Food, Hay, Treats, Hay, Bedding, Vitamins and supplements. Delivered directly to your door by this family owned company if you live in Indy!
  • Bunny Bunch Boutique
    Toy & Chews, Hay/Pellets/Treats, Living/Housing, Necessities, Grooming, First Aid, Books
  • Leith Petwerks
    This family owned company is actively involved in rabbit rescue, and provides everything you need for your house rabbit from unique housing to hay, food, litter and toys!
  • Busy Bunny
    These guys make some really nice bunny treat baskets. The rabbits love them as the whole thing is edible.
  • Cats & Rabbits & More Store
    Toys, Hay, Snacks, Supplies & Gifts: Well over 100 items for and about rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, and other small animals are available for purchase through this website, including the Cottontail Cottage now available with a run-through ramp.
  • Oxbow Hay Company
    Purveyors of high-quality hay, pellets, and other supplies.
  • Bunny Bytes
    This online store is owned by rabbit lovers. They sell lots of different rabbit supplies, as well as items for rabbit lovers. Steve and Cathy donate a portion of their sales each year, regardless of profit, to rabbit rescue. They also offer gift certificates. Categories include: feed & hay, organic litters, digestive supplements, first aid, grooming, supplies, toy boxes, literature, Jodi Jensen gallery, Dedham pottery, and gift shop.
  • BunnyLuv
    This online store is also owned by a rabbit lover who also donates portions of proceeds from sales to local rabbit rescue. They also offers gift certificates. Supplies include premium hay/pellets, litter & litterboxes, grooming & care, toys & more, dishes, safety, and gifts for humans.
  • Pet Supplies Plus
    Stores are conveniently located in your neighborhood, with each location big enough to carry everything your pet needs, but small enough to feel like home.