Toys for Rabbits

Why would a rabbit need toys?

Toys are important for rabbits because they provide mental and physical stimulation. Bored bunnies are more likely to chew, dig, and destroy your house, or to become depressed. You can extend your rabbit’s life by keeping him active and interested in his surroundings by giving toys to toss and chew and places to climb, crawl, and jump.

  • Cardboard boxes for crawling inside, scratching, and chewing. Rabbits especially like boxes with at least two entry points.
  • Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls—stuff them with hay and see how much tastier they become!
  • Untreated wicker baskets
  • Boxes full of shredded paper, junk mail, magazines, straw, or other organic materials for digging
  • Phone books!
  • Batta balls, and other cat toys that roll or can be tossed
  • Hard plastic (not teething) baby toys like rattles and keys—things that can be tossed
  • Plastic slinkies
  • Lids to detergent bottles (clean well; don’t use lids from caustic cleaners in case residue remains)
  • Cardboard concrete forms to hide in and run through
  • Towels for bunching and scooting
  • Untreated seagrass or maize mats (Pier One, Cost Plus)
  • Parrot toys that can be hung and batted
  • Items to jump on and watch the world go by!
rabbit in cage with basket

What Kinds of Toys Do Rabbits Like?

Boredom buster: A friend!

Rabbits usually love to have a rabbit friend. Two rabbits will entertain each other and then get into less trouble! They are not twice as much work because they use the same space, toys, and supplies. Watching two rabbits groom each other and cuddle and play together is very rewarding.

Making friends out of bunnies is not as simple as picking two rabbits, because most will fight! Letting a bunny “pick” his spayed/neutered friend and then following a safe bonding process to help the bunnies learn to love each other are very important steps. Consider adopting a pair of already bonded rabbits or find a friend for your rabbit by contacting a rabbit rescue for tips.

Tips on introducing rabbits

two rabbits