Rabbit Health and Care Resources

Below is a list of additional resources to help you care for you pet.

rabbit in tent
  • Diet
    Basics about a good house rabbit diet. Why you should feed hay, how to pick out a good pellet food, and many other things to know.
  • Treat Foods
    Why sugar can be dangerous. Why you shouldn’t feed Mueslix and other forms of “healthy” looking snacks. Why Vitamin supplements are not necessary.
  • Grooming
    Everthing about how to brush, cut nails, and check ears and eyes. What you can do against fleas and sore hocks. Why you shouldn’t bathe a bunny (unless the vet advises it).
  • Picking up your rabbit
    How to pick up, hold and lift your bunny. Including pictures.
  • Spaying and Neutering
    Why you should spay or neuter your pet. How to pick out a good vet. What to do before and after the surgery.
  • Medical Concerns
    Common problems like hairballs, overgrown teeth, bacterial infection and digestive problems. Why you shouldn’t use Pine/Cedar shavings and why amoxicillin is very dangerous.
  • Rabbit References
    A comprehensive listing of health-related articles and issues. Also includes a drug dosage calculator.
  • Housing
    Everthing about how to provide a nice home for your bunny.
  • Toys
    How you can make your bunny happy with just a little bit of effort. Why it is important for bunnies to have toys.
  • Outdoor and Indoor hazards
    How to bunnyproof your house. Why bunnies shouldn’t live outdoors. What to check before you give your bunny exercise time in the yard.
  • Litter training
    Everything about how to litter train your bunny.
  • Aggression
    Why rabbits nip or bite. Why rabbits are cage possessive sometimes. Answers to this and other questions.
  • Rabbit Introductions
    How to bond two bunnies.
  • Rabbits and children
    Everthing you should think about if you have children in your family.
  • Rabbits and dogs
    How to introduce a rabbit and a dog.
  • Rabbits and cats
    How to introduce a rabbit and a cat.
  • Language of Lagomorphs
    A great guide for rabbit language called the "Language of Lagomorphs." Some visual aids included.