Nails and Teeth

How to Trim Your Rabbit's Nails

Rabbits' nails grow continually and need to be trimmed periodically. We recommend trimming your rabbit's nails every month to 6 weeks for best results. There are many techniques to use to trim your rabbit's nails. Mary Cotter presents an effective technique in this video.

If a rabbit's nails get too long, they can break or crack and cause the rabbit pain or even create an opportunity for infection. Often when a rabbit's nails become too long, they change the mechanics of the way rabbits walk and turn their toes sideways which can be painful or lead to other problems.

The IHRS also offers rabbit nail trimmings at any of its education events for a small donation to help cover our veterinary expenses.

Do Rabbit Teeth Need to Be Trimmed?

Normally you will not have to trim your rabbit's teeth. If your rabbit has good occlusion and is encouraged to use a variety of chewing motions along with normal rabbit behavior, he or she will naturally wear their continually-growing teeth evenly and at the right rate. The diet that we recommend encourages a wide range of chewing motions and helps your rabbit's teeth to wear correctly.

Sometimes, however, a rabbit may need occasional or ongoing attention paid to his or her teeth. If you are unsure about your rabbit's teeth or are aware that your rabbit's teeth are not normal (due to dental issues, breed, or other factors), please contact your rabbit-savvy vet for a checkup and a plan forward.