Age: 3 years 11 months
Weight: 4.18 lbs.

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Imala is one lucky bunny, confiscated by animal control after having been abandoned in a very small cage without food or water for a significant period of time. After eating and eating and eating and drinking and drinking and drinking, she settled into foster care and promptly took over the bunny room =:3

Imala is an incredibly busy bunny, she has a lot of run and play time to make up! She has the personality of a bubbly extrovert. She loves pelleted food, hay, and SALADS, wondering where these have been her entire life! She is still thin and needs to gain weight, so she is on a diet to help her gain weight. Now that she is spayed, Imala has very good litterbox habits.

Imala is still learning what being petted is all about. She is warming up and will require an adopter who is patient with animals that need time to trust. Imala is a busy bunny that will require B- bunny proofing. Can you provide Imala a home where she can continue to blossom?

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Profile last updated on 2/17/2024