Sanctuary Rabbit

Finn is a sanctuary rabbit. Sanctuary rabbits are special rabbits who are no longer likely to be adopted but remain in the Indiana House Rabbit Society's care. They are provided endless love, long-term care and support.

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Age: 4 years 10 months
Weight: 3.3 lbs.

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Hi, I'm Finn! I was found hopping down a street in a small town in Indiana. A nice lady captured me, groomed my mats and fleas, and recognized I needed some help. When I came to rescue, the nice people helped me at the vet. My front teeth are all broken off and I have a large mass on my lower lip. Fortunately I can still eat, but the tests showed my mass is cancer. It's in a place that can't be operated on since it's attached to my chin and mouth. So I will stay in rescue to make sure I can be as happy and healthy as possible until I'm not feeling well any longer!

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Profile last updated on 10/9/2023