Dutch mix
Age: 3 years 4 months
Weight: 5.4 lbs.

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Poor Mariska was found dragging her leg, thin, dehydrated, and dirty in a field in Taylorsville Indiana. She was very lucky she didn't starve or get eaten by a predator. Our rescue took her in and vetted her the next day. While we don't know what trauma or illness caused her inability to use one rear leg and general muscle wasting, special recovery foster care allowed Mariska to really bloom! She became stronger and stronger over weeks, and now can hop again and get in a litterbox :D She's no longer stained with urine since she can position herself to use the bathroom now, and she hops all over her nice big pen now that she's feeling so much better. Mariska will still have some issues with her back leg most likely, and she hops a bit crooked, but she has graduated to adoptable now! We were really concerned she'd always be severely disabled and are so pleased she has made such a great recovery with appropriate medical care and support.

Mariska is spayed and is has great litterbox habits provided she is not around other rabbits =:3. She is sweet, loves treatos (her foster mom calls them cookies!) and is beginning to appreciate being petted. Mariska will thrive in a home where she will be the only rabbit and would be a lovely addition to a family who will cherish her and celebrate her victory over illness and being stray!

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Profile last updated on 11/26/2023