Standard Rex/Lop Mix
Age: 1 years 1 months
Weight: 9 lbs.

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I've had a difficult life before coming to rescue after a traumatic event in my family, but I'm learning that my foster home is very nice! I am a big boy and I finally have space to stand up all the way, hop around... my previous cage was too small and a predatory species pet had a cage above me and urine leaked on me when things weren't kept clean. Now I have a fresh start and just tried my first little binky! I'm really enjoying exploring the room when I get out to play, and I like seeing what the other bunnies are up to.

I've been neutered and I'm ready for adoption! I'm ready for a fresh start with a loving family. I'm curious and looking for a chance to play and explore in my new home.

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Profile last updated on 5/16/2022