Age: 11 months
Weight: 4.1 lbs.

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Hi, I'm Rebel! I found myself at the city shelter and then came to rescue when I wasn't feeling so good. They got me fixed up and now I'm excited to start the next part of my life with a new family! I'm curious and playful, though I can be just a bit shy when I first meet you. I'm getting better with my litterbox too! I'm a little teeny girl and am super duper adorable!

I have a secret: I need a special adopter. Whenever I have a big change in my life, like going from the shelter to a foster home, or then moving to a new foster home, or going to the vet .... I stop eating and pooping! I mean I take my hunger strikes VERY seriously. That's pretty bad news for a bunny. I'm looking for a family who can help me through this by minimizing change and stress in my life, and will keep my world pretty calm and consistent. I also need someone who knows how to treat a bunny who isn't feeling well in case I decide to go on one of my famous hunger strikes. When that happens, usually I need someone to help me out with special hand feeding, fluids, and carefully watching me. Do you have the special touch to be my person?

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Profile last updated on 3/3/2022