Age: 1 years 2 months
Weight: 2.5 lbs.

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Hi I am Pepe named after Pepe LePew, the skunk of cartoon fame. He was love sick in the cartoon, I am NOT! I live with my sister, Fifi, and we must be adopted together. We get along great and we compliment each other. For some weird reason she loves dogs, I am not crazy about them. When our foster dog comes up to our pen, she runs right up and they do nose boops through the fence. I tell her do not trust dogs! She tells me I am silly. I love to explore and I will go anywhere. She tells me to be careful and I tell her what is the fun in that? See, we are opposites so we do well together.

She also loves when our humoons pet her, me I am OK with it but it isn't my favorite. Again, she tells me I am missing out. I think once I get my forever family, I will feel differently. Right now, I just want to explore not be fawned all over. She can get all the attention while I find new tight spots to get into. I love her though and we like to nap together and eat together and well, do everything together basically. She is my best friend.

We love our foster family but we can't wait to join a furever family! Would you like two very attractive (sorry when it comes to my looks, I am not modest) and two very entertaining house bunnies? That is US!!

PS that photo with the crazy hairdo was NOT my idea. My FM was having too much fun. Whatevs LOL

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Profile last updated on 4/23/2022