Lionhead Mix
Age: 1 years 2 months

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Hi I am Fifi. I am named after the cat in the cartoons that gets mistaken for a skunk and gets chased by Pepe the skunk who thinks he is in love. Pepe in real life is my brother and we are bonded and experience a different kind of love LOL. We play and cuddle together and we balance each other very well. We must be adopted together.

He is more timid around people and dogs but not me, I love people and dogs. I play through the pen fence with my foster dog brother. Pepe is more adventurous than me. He explores every where and I follow him. I talk to the people and try to get him to do the same.

Our foster mom loves watching us, she says we are beautiful and handsome bunnies and we are very entertaining. We are lionheads so have a lot of fur around as manes but our FM says we are pretty low maintenance. She has to pull hay and other stuff out of our fur but it doesn't hurt and is easy for her to do. We do get an occasional mat in our manes and they are easy to get out as well.

I like pets a lot but Pepe only tolerates them. He's too busy exploring and finding new adventures! We both also love tunnels and burrowing under our towels and blankets in our pen. We hear our FM giggling at us and so we do it even more. Pepe is great with his litter box and I am getting better after my spay. My FM thinks in a few more days, I will be as perfect as my brother.

We are ready to get to know a new family and find our forever home. Would you like two lion head rabbits that look fancy but are very down to earth bunnies? That's us!!

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Profile last updated on 4/23/2022