Sanctuary Rabbit

Bellini is a sanctuary rabbit. Sanctuary rabbits are special rabbits who are no longer likely to be adopted but remain in the Indiana House Rabbit Society's care. They are provided endless love, long-term care and support.

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Age: 4 years 10 months
Weight: 9.3 lbs.

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I was rescued from a backyard hoarding situation in the winter, right after we had almost a foot of snow and negative windchill for almost a week. I had parasites along with several of the other rabbits I was living with, and on top of being sick, I was pregnant! Fortunately I came to rescue and was safe, warm, and well fed when I gave birth to my nine babies, and they have grown up healthy and loved. And my rescue family gave me the name Bellini!

With everything I've been through, I'm still a sweet, mild tempered, patient, laid back bun. Unfortunately I started having problems breathing and began to get weak, I just couldn't get comfortable and was losing energy to even groom myself or my babies. I went to a special vet and they discovered I have an enlarged heart and I'm in congestive heart failure!

Fortunately my babies were just old enough to go on their own a bit early, which allows me to take the medicine I need to feel better. Now that I have heart medicine, I've done a total turn around! I'm learning how to bunny for the first time. I can now do normal bunny things like groom myself, play with toys, binky, and even do zoomies! Due to my illness I'm not able to be spayed and I'm an IHRS sanctuary rabbit. The nice rescue people will let me live out the rest of my life being well taken care of in a healthy clean stable environment with the best care possible. My medical needs will last the rest of my life, and I could use donations to cover the costs of medicine and follow up diagnostics.

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Profile last updated on 10/20/2023