Sanctuary Rabbit

Violet is a sanctuary rabbit. Sanctuary rabbits are special rabbits who are no longer likely to be adopted but remain in the Indiana House Rabbit Society's care. They are provided endless love, long-term care and support.

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mini rex
Age: 6 years 2 months
Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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Poor Violet was set free to live on her own outdoors. By the time a neighbor spotted her, she'd been outside over the winter and spring had come. Violet is very wobbly with a presumed neurological condition. She was covered in ticks and really struggles to move around, with her wobbly, stiff walk. She falls over fairly frequently.

Despite her troubles, Violet is SO SWEET. She loves to be petted and just craves attention. We were unable to diagnose the cause of her condition through blood tests and a visit to a neurologist. Violet was stable enough to be spayed, but does remain in need of special housing and care. Please help her with good wishes and support for her veterinary needs if you can!

The best part of Violet's story is she is bonded to her best buddy Curly, another sanctuary rabbit. Violet and Curly cuddle all day and life is great if you ask them :)

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Profile last updated on 1/6/2022