Indiana HRS Assists Closing Rescue

Harvey’s House Rabbit Rescue and Sanctuary Closed January 2020


A little over two weeks ago, our closest HRS neighbor, Harvey's House, the HRS chapter in Louisville, KY, unexpectedly made the difficult decision to close its doors. Over 75 rabbits immediately needed placement with other shelters and rescues. Without hesitation Indiana HRS stepped up to the plate and took in 18 HH rabbits in the past 7 days. 

Despite the fact that the IHRS foster care system was already at maximum capacity, our incredible foster families and volunteers have risen to the occasion (as always!) when bunnies are in need! Not only did these buns need a place to stay, several of them needed spay/neuter, most of them needed intake wellness exams, and a few needed specialized medical treatment. 

One bunny, Sebastian, was critically ill when he came to IHRS' care today. He is suffering from cecal bloat, a painful and dangerous condition where his GI tract repeatedly fills with gas. Without proper care and treatment, bloat can be deadly. Sebastian will be evaluated by our veterinarians and it is possible he may need to be hospitalized. Regardless, he will need fairly intense medical care in order to get him back to a healthy happy bunny! 

As you can imagine, our foster system and our vet fund have been stretched beyond imagination in the last few days. We greatly appreciate any contribution - especially toward our vet fund - as we work hard to help these bunnies find their happily ever afters. Every single dollar makes a difference! 

THANK YOU, bunny lovers, for your support in every single way! From financial contributions, volunteering, fostering, and even the loving thoughts and wishes and support you send our way. And please help us welcome the newest 18 members of the IHRS family....

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