Adoption center turns one in a new space!


The Indiana House Rabbit Society (IHRS) has recently celebrated several milestones.  What started out as a network of foster homes in central Indiana has added a flourishing Rabbit Adoption Center in Indianapolis, a hub of activity for the IHRS where several rabbits live full time and a growing pool of volunteers gather to care for them.

The Center has enjoyed one full year of operation and in this time has adopted out its 100th rabbit (triple the adoptions of the previous year!), served as a layover for large cross-country rabbit transport efforts, and has been a wealth of education and information for new and experienced house rabbit owners.  The Center has also been a hot spot for adoption consultation, rabbit bonding efforts, fund raising, and a gathering spot for several community outreach efforts.

On August 17, 2019, IHRS long time and new members alike gathered to celebrate and recognize this growth with a celebration that also served as the grand opening of a new and improved space for the Rabbit Adoption Center!  We honored the hard work of our founding members and ended the evening with a ceremony to award our youngest members, our 18 and unders, the future of rabbit rescue.

We look forward to continued momentum and a larger paw print for house rabbits in all rescue efforts.