A look back at 2018

Indiana House Rabbit Society had a very busy year!


In the waning moments of 2018, we are reflecting on the INCREDIBLE year Indiana House Rabbit Society has had. Our mission is to improve the lives of domestic rabbits. 2018 brought so many opportunities for us to do this in countless ways. 

We had several large confiscations involving 131 rabbits this year. IHRS and our partners provided on-site care, grooming, support for spay/neuter surgeries, found rescue placements, transported rabbits and helped place rabbits in foster and adoptive homes.

Our partnership with Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) has produced amazing results. IHRS helped IACS establish a rabbit adoption program by providing caging ideas, training staff, arranging spay/neuter surgeries for 17 rabbits including transport, as well as nearly 200 on-site volunteering hours at the shelter.

Avian & Exotic Animal Clinic Indianapolis (AEAC) provided invaluable care during nearly 100 vet visits and surgeries (that's averaging TWO every WEEK all year) for IHRS bunnies. Many other exotic vet partners including Dr. Julia Becker with Almost Home Humane Society (Lafayette) helped with bunny health care, S/N surgeries and more. We have lots of amazing rabbit savvy vet partners!

IHRS volunteers captured dozens of bunnies that had been released outdoors and would have almost certainly perished without rescue. These buns are alive today due to the efforts of our dedicated bunny wranglers.

August 1, 2018 was a banner day for IHRS. This was the day the Indianapolis Rabbit Adoption Center (RAC) opened! This has been a game changer for IHRS and for bunnies. Since August 1st, we've had 1500+ volunteer hours, 200 hours open to the public, nearly 125 completed adoption questionnaires, and 25 adoptions (more than in all of 2017)!

All of this hard work is supported by your volunteer time and donations!

2018 was a great year for bunnies. Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers, partners, and team members who worked so hard this year for the love of bunnies. Bring on 2019!