Rabbit Adoption Center Announcement

Dreams do come true!


adoption center is open

Someday ...

There are many aspects of running a rescue, having an adoption program and engaging volunteers that are complicated by not having a designated location. We've always chanted the mantra "someday, when we have our own place ..."

Today is someday! IHRS is thrilled to announce that we have signed a lease for a Rabbit Adoption Center ! This space is a huge step toward full-fledged shelter and growth. It opens up a world of opportunities for us, such as:

  • Facilitating more meet and greets and adoptions
  • Providing open hours for the public
  • Increased educational opportunities
  • Sales of supplies
  • Lots and lots of volunteer opportunities
  • And so much more ...

The pilot Rabbit Adoption Center is centrally located near downtown Indianapolis with easy access to I-65 and I-70. The space will accommodate at least 6 bunnies who will live there in nice ex-pen setups. There will be an area for "out time" so bunnies can get lots of exercise and explore. We intend to build up an inventory of bunny supplies to sell including hay, toys and treats. With the space, we have access to larger common areas where we can host events.

This is a huge endeavor for us and we need your help! We need donations of money to help us pay rent and purchase the things we need to get the space up and running, such as flooring, ex-pens and other items. We need donations of items and supplies that we will need now and for ongoing operations, such as trash bags, paper towels, vinegar, and other items. And we will need donations of time to help set the space up, move the bunnies in, develop systems and procedures, provide bunny care and lots of other tasks.




The easiest and most effective way to donate is by helping us fund the adoption center. We have startup costs and then will have ongoing operational costs, such as rent and supplies. Donating to our GoFundMe is an easy, direct way to make a huge impact.

Miscellaneous Items

These items do not need to be brand new, but must function. View our Amazon Wish List for several additional items we need, from exercise pens to toys.

  • [Promised - thank you!]: Dorm (or small) refrigerator at least 3.5 cubic foot. Used to store bunny greens and medication
  • [Some received - thank you! We can use a few more!]: Carriers
  • Trash can with a lid and wheels
  • 2 Lamps with daylight spectrum bulbs (must be easy to bunny proof)
  • 2 Timers (for lamps)
  • 5 folding chairs
  • Vacuum (that can handle hay and bunny poo)
  • 1 - 4x8 sheet marker board wall paneling (available at Lowes)
  • 1-1/4 plastic tubing or similar for bunny proofing lamp cords
  • Oscillating fan
  • White board markers/erasers
Ongoing Needs
  • Paper towels
  • Trash bags - kitchen sized
  • Newspaper
  • White Vinegar
  • Kleenex
  • Sheets for bunnies
  • Towels (body and hand) for bunnies
  • Fleece for bunnies
  • Bunny-safe litter
  • Hay
  • Oxbow Adult Essentials Rabbit Pellets (good price from Grateful Pet Indy and they can deliver directly to us)
  • Oxbow Treats (good price from Grateful Pet Indy and they can deliver directly to us)
  • Bunny-safe toys (purchased or made -- limited only by your imagination)
  • Greens! Refer to our greens list for more, but generally: good quality lettuce (not iceberg), leafy greens (collard, kale, dandelion, turnip, mustard, chard, bok choy, others), and herbs (parsley, cilantro, mint, basil, watercress, others)


We need your help! Come be a part of the start of something great!

Set up
  • Setting up the space
  • Setting up the bunnies
  • Getting systems and procedures set up
  • Daily morning bunny care (pellets, water, hay, wellness check)
  • Daily evening bunny care (salads, water, hay, wellness check)
  • Daily "out time" rotations to allow bunnies to get exercise
  • Restocking greens from grocery store
  • Socializing with bunnies
  • Litter box cleaning 2-3x/week
  • Cleaning enclosures 1-2x/week
  • Manning the space for public open hours and sales (must have experience volunteering)
  • Volunteer orientations
  • Facilitating meet and greets (must have experience or train)
  • Organizing events
  • Grooming bunnies
  • Transporting bunnies as needed
  • Reading to bunnies
  • Studying with bunnies
  • Your lunch break with bunnies
  • And more ...

Thank You!

We want to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your help and support. Realizing this dream could not have been possible without your generosity and compassion. You have enabled us to realize this dream and further our mission to continue to improve the lives of domestic rabbits in Indiana.

We could not have done this without you. You are Team IHRS!!