Eagle Creek Rescue

March Rescue

In late February 2017, Indianapolis Animal Care Services received a call of 30+ rabbits dumped in a wood area near a park in Indianapolis. Officers were dispatched and were able to capture 8 rabbits. They contacted IHRS and a team of volunteers were able to capture 4 more.

Unfortunately, several others did not make it. IHRS volunteers are still monitoring the situation for additional rabbit sightings. One of the females captured gave birth to a litter of 9 babies. Several other females underwent emergency spay surgeries in an attempt to ensure that the population did not increase. Most of the rabbits had some illness. A few others have had to undergo emergency or urgent surgery due to illnesses. Them and others have undergone other costly medical treatments. The best cases have fleas, ticks, mites, injuries and bite wounds.

IHRS and its team of incredible volunteers and supporters is working very hard to nurse all of these buns back to good health in order to help them along to adoptive homes or other rescues. As you can imagine, this endeavor has incurred significant vet costs. If you could help us along with our mission by donating to our rescue GoFundMe campaign, these buns, their caretakers, and everyone else who has come to know and love them would greatly appreciate it.