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Are you thinking of getting a rabbit for your child? Here are some things to consider: Rabbits and Children

rabbit by litterbox

Kids n Bunnies Coloring Book
This book is dedicated to all loving children who want their bunnies to be happy and healthy. Enjoy this book and learn what to expect from bunny behavior, what they should eat, the toys they like and other things that will make living with a bunny in your house happy for you, for your parents and for the rabbit.

Rabbit Anatomy
Find out more about your rabbit's nose, mouth, ears, etc.

Rabbit Word Search
Learning About Rabbits as Pets

How to say "rabbit" in over 100 different languages.

What Do Rabbits See?
For facts about your rabbits eyesight and view of the world, read this article from the Wisconsin House Rabbit society about a rabbit's eye view of the world.