Lionhead Mix
Age: 1 years 8 months
Weight: 6.2 lbs.

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Hi, I'm Tillie. I'm a very silly and playful bunny. One of my favorite activities is getting in my cat snuggie and rolling around in it. I have equal confidence and survival instincts, so don’t be sad if I dash for my box when I hear something or you move too fast, I’ll be right back. I’m a great buddy bunny, whatever you are doing I want to watch and help. I love my toys and decorating, I don’t destroy anything, I just pick it up and move it around when I play… If you think someone is staring at you, I’m waiting for you to come flip my house back and restack my toys so I can start again. I even help you carry them. I’m the best at my litter box, I never have accidents. My foster mom says I’m super smart too, she got me those puzzles for dogs and I win everytime, maybe it's because I love all my food, hay, pellets, and dried fruits and veggies so much. I keep hearing about clicker training and think that may be fun since I’m so food motivated. I’m not scared of the dog or cat, but like the humans, if they move too fast or make loud noises, I dash to my home and then pop back out to watch and then run back to rejoin. When we first meet, bring me some food and sit quietly and I’ll love to snuggle and get pets while I eat. The more I get to know you and the more fun toys I have during the day to tire me out, the more relaxed I get during snuggles.

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Profile last updated on 3/9/2022