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Lionhead Mix
Age: 7 months
Weight: 4.8 lbs.

Hi I’m Cece! I was born in December at the shelter the day after my mom was found outside! I was immediately brought into foster care. I get along with my foster family and their doggy. I have fully recovered from being spayed and I’m officially ready to meet my forever family! I have the cutest little Neapolitan striped nose and tan fluffy paws. I like to be adventurous and explore new areas. I like to play with toys. If you lay down on the floor with me I will jump all over you but prefer to be the one to approach you first…then you can pet me. I might even give you a kiss on the cheek. If I’m not playing with my toys I like to nap in my hop n flop. I do require a fair amount of grooming/brushing and space to run since I’m still so young. I would love to meet you, Come meet me!