Indiana House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society, Indiana Chapter
PO Box 421746
Indianapolis, IN 46242-1746
(317) 767-7636


Age: 1 years 5 months
Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Hi, my name is Maddison. Fifty-five of my friends and I were released to the wild to fend for ourselves and some nice people caught me. I was never housed inside before, I love being a house rabbit! Treatos are my favorite thing in the world!

I have a very sweet, reserved personality. I am still learning what it is like to live inside. I didn't know that bunnies could play with toys, which is a blast! My foster mom says I have the best sploot :)

I get along with my foster family. I might like a bunny friend some day to help me become more brave.

Right now, I would rather not be in a busy, active home. That might be a little overwhelming for me. I am still adjusting to living inside. I need a low key, patient adopter who will give me time to let my personality shine.