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Indianapolis, IN 46242-1746
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Age: 4 months
Weight: 2 lbs.

Hi I’m Nutmeg, not Meg but Nutmeg, I’m a boy!! I’m small but mighty and my favorite thing to do is show off for my foster mom. She says I’m better than Netflix whatever that is.

I just know when she comes to visit me in my enclosure, I binky and zoom and make her laugh so loud. She says the best part is how my floppy ears fly around. I can look at you with my ears straight up, one up and one down or both straight out to the side. I’m a man of many looks! My foster mom tells me she loves me all the time so I’d say I have her wrapped around my finger. I’m really warming up fast to Pets once I slow down after zooming. I think pretty soon I’ll be settling in a lot for this petting thing. I love hoomans a lot.

I’m not crazy about the dog barking but I think with time i’d be ok with him, I’m a pretty confident bunny. I use my litter box really well except for a couple poos I like to leave by my pellet bowl just every now and then so everyone knows those food pellets are mine.

Update: Nutmeg’s ears seem to be upright now. He’s still the cutest!! And he’s decided he loves, pets, cuddles and kisses!!

I’m ready to show off for my own family, could you be my special people?