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Calamity Jane

lionhead mix
Age: 3 years
Weight: 3.8 lbs.

I'm Calamity Jane and I have a little attitude! I was pulled from a shelter and the vet discovered I had a couple of teeth that need some attention, they were sticking out through the bottom of my jaw! The nice rescue people got me set up with a bunny dentist so I can eat better. But then I just had more problems! My bad teeth were removed, and then I had a large abdominal mass removed, and THEN I had a kidney removed that was causing me a lot of problems! Wow!

I am a sassy girl but feeling much better now. I will need more dental surgeries, so I have a special foster home where they both appreciate my snark and can also provide me ongoing veterinary checkups. Hopefully my worst medical woes are behind me, but I will need continued monitoring of my teeth and my bloodwork to make sure my remaining kidney keeps up! It's working well now.