Indiana House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society, Indiana Chapter
PO Box 421746
Indianapolis, IN 46242-1746
(317) 767-7636


Age: 1 years 4 months
Weight: 6 lbs.

I am am Melody and my fosters say I am a sweetheart.  I love to be pet and am full of high energy and loves to binky and run super-fast around my play area.  I love chewing on willow baskets and hay tunnels and pinecones. I don’t love when playtime is over but will go in my pen nicely with a little bribe of a treat.  I love hay and salads!   I prefer to use a hay feeder to eat my hay. I have a medium litter box.  I keep all my pee inside my litter box but sometimes I’m not the best housekeeper in my pen and enjoy digging up my sheet, moving my litterbox around and leaving poop on the floor. 
I love to toss my stacking cups.  I use them as a signal to  “come pay attention to me or feed me” picking them up and dropping them to make noise.  I like to lie on the ceramic tile to stay cool when the sun warms the room. I’m looking forward to a forever family that will love me and my antics and keep me safe.