Indiana House Rabbit Society

House Rabbit Society, Indiana Chapter
PO Box 421746
Indianapolis, IN 46242-1746
(317) 767-7636


Age: 4 years 4 months
Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Milli came from a 452 rabbit confiscation in Kaufman County Texas. She is starting her best life with Indiana House Rabbit Society. Milli is the 1000th bunny rescued by IHRS and is a milestone bunny for us! So she is pretty special for so many reasons! Also, just look at how gorgeous she is! Milli is learning how to be a house bunny after coming from a terrible situation in Texas and she's discovering she LOVES to groom her foster family! Her foster dad will lie in the floor with her and she will groom his hands and arms til her heart's content. She is also curious about her surroundings and learning better litterbox habits every day! She also lets you know when she is displeased with the loudest thumps this side of the Mississippi River!